Bringing Bethlehem’s Bathing Beauties Back to Life

Back in days gone by, the Town Pool in Bethlehem was quite the place to be during the summer months – both for locals and tourists alike. After sustaining costly damage and sitting idle and neglected for several years, a passionate crew of volunteers brought the pool back to life. They were also able to secure a replacement “bathing beauty” for the bath house to replace the original beauties lost long ago. Though they continued to look, they were never able to locate another beauty.

The ArtWalk committee will be creating a replacement beauty, as well as recreating the original town pool sign that used to be located in front of the town hall building on Route 302. This project is possible, thanks in part to the generous donation of necessary lumber from the folks at Lowe’s, and in part due to the local art talent willing to make it happen.

Special thanks to Bethlehem Heritage Society for these original photos

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