Adopt a Banner


As you’ve noticed, the old town banners are beginning to look a bit run down. The brackets are bent or broken and some of the posts don’t even have banners anymore. One of our committee members has been silently tending to these banners over the last four years while the rest of us hardly noticed. In accordance with our goal to continue to liven and beautify Bethlehem, we plan to repair all of the brackets and replace all of the banners. In a perfect world, we would like to change the banners at least four times a year, but we have decided to start small and focus on two seasons and two of our annual events – ArtWalk Festival and Christmas in Bethlehem Festival.

Your sponsorship contribution offsets the cost of printing banners for our town. You can adopt a town banner at the low price of only $60 PER BANNER, and help us continue to make Bethlehem more festive and colorful throughout the year.

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