Refund Policy

The organizational committee for Bethlehem Art Walk makes every effort to assure that all information about Bethlehem Art Walk is accurate and reliable. Nevertheless, changes are sometimes unavoidable. Bethlehem Art Walk is not responsible for typographical errors on the website or in any emails, ads, or printed materials. We reserve the right to make moderate changes, as well as modify event activities, as necessary without incurring an obligation to make a refund.

We also reserve the right to cancel any event outright in case any major problems. In the case of a cancellation, all monies paid to Bethlehem Art Walk by a registered participant will be refunded unless an alternate date or event is available. If the registered vendor opts to not attend the art walk, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

The organizers WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for travel or lodging fees incurred by participants or any other fees related to the cancellation.

The organizers accept no responsibility for assuring that this event or any particular portion of this event is suitable for any individual participant’s preferences, experience, physical capabilities, or other considerations. We will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests regarding booth placement and accessibility, as we have a limited number of such spaces available. Be sure to read all the information presented on our website ( concerning the event, including hours of operation, scheduled activities, and set up and break down timelines. Please e-mail [email protected] if you have questions.

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